Dae-Han Heavy Electric Machinery has been grown up steadily as Company of pump,high-Voltage motor submerged motor pump and the designing manufacturer of related device ever since establishment of the company on Feb. 10,1980.Especially, with an appointed task of manufacturing superior products for satisfaction of consumer based on Sincerity and reliability, we feel honor and glory of domestic key industry in the result of an integrated effort Making by entire employees'united force.

Our Company is concentrated total strength on manufacturing high-efficiency instrument by endless development of technology and is readied to devote ourselves to satisfaction of consumer by means of reliablity and high-quality service.

We have obtained Pump, high-low Voltage motor in consequence of these efforts making, reviced whole item ISO 9001 Certificate from Korea Productivity Center Quality Assuranec CO., Ltd.

Therefore, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for you have to support our Company as always, henceforth,we have determined to promise to manufactuer the better quality product to the fullest extent With our endeavors. Thank you.