① Pupmps should be intall near the suction water levell.

(a)Suction head of each pump is variable, but the head of more than 7-8m is generally impossible for suction.

(b)the bigger diameter of pipe makes slower flow velocity, then loss gets less affect suction increased.

② The suction pipe should be installed the side of pump to be highest and to be incilned to the suction
water level. If the water level of suction side is highter than pump, there is no problem, but even though
the suction pipe is lower than pump, if it is Ωtype location of up and down,the pump will not work.

③ The center of coupling should be exactly set up befoer operation. Even though the center of pump is
adjusted by maker, the center of motor and pump is out of order with bolting the base of bed and a
re-adjustment is needed.

④ When adjusting the coupling center, it should be done after the unbolting of couping and the interval of
3~5mm between couplings should be made. The coupling bolts are should be mode. The coupling bolts
are easily lossened in operation and should be tightened fast.

⑤ In case of oil ring in metal or bearing parts,be sure to check if it tums smoothly in being immersed deep in lubricant.

⑥ Be sure to check if the pump and motor rotate in the same direction

⑦ Priming should be confirmed after just before operation start. lf water does not flow out, the opertation
should be stopped immediately and re-priming should be done.

⑧ If the pump is rotated in the reverse direction, it is broken. So the reverse rotation is absolutely prohibition.

⑨ The valve of discharge side of general pumps shall be slowly opened in operation, but the value of axial flow pump shall be completely opened.

⑩ Grand packing shall be adjusted.

⑪ Check noisy, vibration, oil ring, current test to find any overload.

Protection method of deflcetion due to bent pipe

Condition of suction pipe